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You Draw, We Build

Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company in Meadville, PA provides companies with close-tolerance machining services. We specialize in the speedy manufacture and delivery of high-quality tooling, molds, fixtures, dies, gages, and a variety of custom parts for complex industrial equipment. If you can draw the parts that you need, our engineers can definitely build them for you using the following equipment (with the corresponding number of units) in our CNC machining facility:

Saws (Material Crib Stocked With Various Standard Metals)

  • (2) #8 Marvels
  • (1) Automatic Hydraulic Band Saws
  • (2) Rollin Saws


  • (1) Mikron HSM 300 CNC Graphite Master Mill
    Travel: X=8”, Y=10”, Z=10”
    Spindle: 30,000 RPM; Probe Touch Off X, Y, Z; Laser Tool Touch Off
  • (1) BostoMatic 12G CNC Graphite Mill
    Travel: X=12”, Y=12”, Z=10”
    Spindle: 30,000 RPM
  • (1) Kitamura 3XG Vertical CNC Mill
    Travel: X=30”, Y=18”, Z=18.1”, 3 Axis
  • (1) Kitamura HX400Isii Horizontal CNC Mill
    Max workpiece size (Dia. XH) 24”x24”x24”, 4 Axis
  • (1) Mori Seiki NV 4000 Vertical CNC Mill
    Travel: X=23.6”, Y=15.7”, Z=15.7”, 3 Axis
  • (3) TRAK DPMSX2P, 3 HP 32”x16”
    Equipped with ProtoTRAK SMX CNC
  • (5) 5 and 10 h/p Horizontal Mill
    Table size: 14.25 (W) x 65 (L)
    Travel: 36.25 (L)
  • (1) Excello Vertical Mill
    Table size: 15 (W) x 65 (L)
  • (1)Bridgeport
    Table size: 12” x 36”


  • (1) MAZAK Nexus 200-II MY (12” Max OD x 20” Length) 3,000 RPM Max, 4 AXIS
  • (2) 15” Takisawa Engine Lathes, 2 AXIS
  • (1) Takisawa TC3 CNC - (Max Dia: 12 9/16”, Length 20”), 2 AXIS


Heat Treat

  • (2) Heat Treat Furnaces 3”x 3” x 7”
  • (1) Draw Furnace 6”x 6” x 17”


Electrical Discharge Machining

  • (4) Charmille-Roboform 31 CNC EDM’s
    Equipped with 3R-Tooling, X=14”, Y=9.8”, Z=11.5”
  • (1) AGIE Classic Wire EDM
    Travel: X=13.7”, Y=9.8”, Z=9.8”
  • (1) AGIE Cut Progress Wire EDM
    Travel: X=29.5”, Y=21.6”, Z=9.8”
  • (1) AC Progress VP3 Wire EDM
    Travel: X=41.3”, Y=25.6”, Z=16.5”
  • (2) 30 amp Agietron Vertical Ram EDM, X=7.5”, Y=5.5”, Z=10.5”
  • (2) 30 amp Eltee Pulsitron (with orbit and vector) Vertical Ram EDM, X=7.9”, Y=5.5”, Z=16.5”
  • (2) 50 amp Eltee Pulsitron Vertical Ram EDM, X=7.9”, Y=5.5”, Z=16.5”


  • (4) Moore #3, Model G-18 Jig Grinders
    Equipped with all Head Sizes
  • (2) Mitsui Automatic Grinders 18” x 36”
  • (22) Okamoto Surface Grinders 6” x 12”
  • (6) Harig Surface Grinders 6” x 12”
  • (1) Harig Automatic Surface Grinders 6” x 18”

 Quality Control

  • (1) RAM Optical OMIS II OMM (6” x 8” x 8”)
  • (2) RAM Optical OMIS III OMM (18” x 24” x 12”)
  • (10) 14” Jones & Lamson Comparators
  • (1) 30” Jones & Lamson Walk-In Comparator

 CAD/CAM Technology

  • Unigraphics nx 8.5 (Accepted drawing file formats include IGES, AutoCAD-DXF, DWG, STEP, Parasolid, CATIA, and Solid Edge)
  • Wire EDM - Opticam and Mastercam
  • CNC Lathes and Mills - Mastercam 6.0
  • TRAK Mills - Mill-Rite

Consultations for Custom Machining

For machine parts or tools that you need to customize, you can get in touch with us for consultations. We also provide free service quotes and promptly let you know about how long it may take to have custom machine parts or tools designed and built. For questions about repairs, modifications, and delivery requests to specific locations, call us.

Product and Service Options

The diverse range of industrial tools and mechanical parts that we design and manufacture for our customers are all built in accordance with client’s specifications. Our machinists, technicians, and engineers eagerly collaborate with you to successfully produce the parts that you need. We make sure that the following tools and parts are delivered to you on time as per mutually agreed upon timetables:


Contact us for complete information about how you can have tools and mechanical parts customized at our facility. Call us at 814-336-4235 to ask for a free quote.