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Building Industry Partnerships

As a pillar in the tool and die industry in Meadville, PA, Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company has developed a vast network of industry partners through more than 50 years of existence by combining our expertise with those of our local associates.

Professional Association

We have been members of the NWPA Chapter of National Tooling & Machining Association since 1970. 

Proud Member of the NMTA

We Have Everything Right Here

We coordinate locally with the industry’s leading service providers, so that in addition to Actco’s machining services, a customer’s specification requirements (surface treatments, large scale heat treating, certified inspections) can be done quickly and included with your purchase from Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company. We work with the following companies:


Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company is a local, family-owned business relied on by companies nationally and internationally for custom machining services at quick turnaround times. Through the years, we have built long-term relationships with our customers and industry colleagues whose patronage and support we truly appreciate. Here are some kind words from them:

“If I had 100 Actcos my life would be much easier. Nice work, thanks for the attention and quick response!”

- Aerospace and Defense Technology Company

Your team deserves some praise for their quality craftsmanship and professionalism. You did some gages for us recently and they were beautiful. Well done by your team. Appreciate all you guys do for us.”

-Tooling Manufacturer

"Thank you so much for getting this done.  With the machine finally running again and a weekend coming, it could have been an issue, so I appreciate the extra effort to get it on a truck."

-Production Services Management Company

"I love you guys.

- Industrial Ultrasonic Applications Company

“You guys will always be on the top of our vendor list, you do awesome work.”

-Customer, Engineers Manufacturing and Process Automation

“Thank you very much for a quick turnaround time.”

-Engineer, Manufacturing and Development Company-Adhesives, Coatings, Motion Management Devices, and Sensing Technologies

“Thank you for the weekly updates, it has been a big help in our project scheduling.”

-Engineer, Industrial Ultrasonic Applications Company

“You all kick butt! Thank you!”

-Customer Service Representative/Purchasing, Joint Replacement Design & Manufacturing Company

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and show us your well-equipped facility. We are very happy with the quality of the parts we have seen come in from you, so there is no reason we would not continue to work with you on this and other projects.”

-Chief Designer, Metal Stamping, Forming, Welding, Tapping Equipment Manufacturer

“Thank you a hundred times for helping out with this!”

-Buyer, Motor Manufacturer - Automotive Industry

“Thank you for your faithful, and dependable, service and support. I am so glad I can count on you!”

-Planner/Scheduler, Automotive Air Conditioning, Engine Cooling Components and Systems Manufacturer

“It is great that we have someone that we can count on in stressful times when we have very aggressive demands from our customer.”

-Buyer/Planner, Electrolytic, Thermoelectric, and Fuel Cell Systems Manufacturer

"I just wanted to say WOW, do those parts look amazing. Everyone here was admiring the work and care you guys took, everything from machining to packaging. Very Professional. Thank you for the great work."

-Project Manager/After Market Specialist, Vacuum Heat Treating Furnace Manufacturer

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