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Hands-On Training Opportunities

Learn everything that you need to know to be able to build a successful career in the tool and die industry. At Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company in Meadville, PA, we welcome aspiring engineers, technicians, and machinists to our on-the-job training program. Take advantage of the hands-on learning experiences we offer.

Internship Program Structure

Our internship program includes processes and activities designed to promote knowledge and teach trainees the skill sets required for proficiency in the tool and die trade. The multi-stage process also offers exceptional trainees the opportunity for full-time employment with our company. The 4 stages of the training program are:

  1. Internship Interview and Candidate Selection
  2. Shadow Day - Awarded candidates undergo job shadow activities with an Actco Tool machining specialist for a one-day trial 
  3. Preliminary Trial Period – Successful Shadow Day trainees get a chance to participate in a one-week trial for free hands-on training at an established Meadville manufacturing facility
  4. Final Tier – Three-month internship and an on-the-job training opportunity with potential for permanent full-time employment with our company

Please fill out this application and submit all applications to:
Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company
P.O. Box 675
Meadville, PA 16335

Open application is available the first Tuesday of every month from 2-4 PM at the Actco location. 


To qualify for on-the-job training at Actco, applicants must have a valid PA driver's license available when applying; and will need to complete a post-secondary education (diploma) in machining.

For more information on how to train for a post-secondary education in machining, please contact Doug Nelson, PMI Director of Admissions, at

Find worthwhile career opportunities at Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company via our training programs. Aspiring machinists, mechanical engineers, and technicians are encouraged to apply. Contact us today for more information. For further inquiries, call us at 814-336-4235.